All About Connector Types

Welcome to Connectors Central. Here, we’ll profile a few different types of connectors. Today, we’ll start with m24308 and d-sub connectors.

M24308 Connector

The m24308 connector is a type of military connector. This is the United States military standard for D-sub connectors, due to its’ meticulous specs and specific requirements. It is small enough to work with in even the least spacious environments. It is also very light and very strong. This serves the needs of the United States armed forces extremely well. They come in many sizes, shapes and formats. They can withstand wide swings in temperature (they can operate between -55 degrees Celcius and +125 degrees Celsius). The are also reliable, strong, and effective for a variety of different industries, including aerospace (in addition to the military of course).┬áIf you have a difficult task ahead, you can rest assured that the M24308 military connector can do the job. You’ll find M24308 military connectors being used in a wide range of applications, including communication, information technology, and in use for aircraft missiles and satellites.


A D-subminiature connector – also known as a d-sub connector – is a common connector type that is named for its’ d-shaped metal shield. These are frequently used for communication, networking, game controllers, and computers (for video outputs). While the d-sub connector has been widely used for years, its’ use is declining as new technologies emerge.


A d-sub connector has 2 or more rows or parallel pins (or sockets) that are surrounded by the d-shaped metal shield. The shield offers support and guarantees correct pin alignment, but it also prevents electromagnetic interference. Methods for attaching wires to contacts in d-subs vary, including soldering, insulation displacement, crimping, and wire wraps. Often, you’ll see screws on both sides of the shield to keep the device in place.

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